Frequently asked

Qualification-Related Queries

How do I know if I qualify to use Beppo?

  • The subscriptions are meant for BIR-registered self-employed or professional businesses (Non-VAT and Individual) filing 1701/1701A, 1701Q, 2551Q, and 0605
  • In terms of source of income, we currently only support those who:
    • Only have a single source of income
    • Was or currently employed with another company
    • I have another source of income in the same profession
    • Has multiple BIR registered businesses under his/her name or TIN as long as they are under the same BIR Certificate of Registration 2303
  • For those who are not yet BIR registered, we do offer BIR Registration services as well. See article for Business Registration.

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Registration-Related Queries

What do I need to prepare before I register/subscribe?

Before registering/subscribing, you must have already registered with the BIR and have copies of the following:

  • BIR Form 2303 (Certificate of Registration)

  • Tax identification number (TIN)

  • Passport or legal identification document (preferably those showing your date of birth)

  • Marriage Certificate for married individuals

Upon registering, what do I need to prepare and provide to Beppo?

  • Previously filed tax returns

  • Official Receipts issued for income earned.

  • BIR Form 2307 – Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source, from your clients, if any.

  • Proof of business expenses such as supplier invoices and/or official receipts (Business expenses which are required only if you opt NOT to use 8% gross income tax)

How do I fill out my official receipts (ORs)?

You can refer to the sample below for a simple guide on how to fill out an Official Receipt properly.

I have yet to register with the BIR. Should I already file and pay tax forms?

  • You will first need to register with the BIR. We do offer business registration services where you’ll only need to pay the actual cost of the registration.

  • After you register, you’ll receive a Certificate of Registration that lists all the tax forms that the BIR expects you to file.

  • Your BIR Registration Date also dictates which year and quarter the BIR expects you to start filing.

Fee-Related Queries

What’s the fee structure?

To learn more about Beppo’s pricing structure, feel free to book a call with us.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden fees however, the fees disclosed are exclusive of any merchant or convenience fees. Tax dues and late fees if there are any, are also paid separately.

Tax Form-Related Queries

What Tax Forms can I file with this service?

The service/platform is specially meant for self-employed professionals having income from the SAME profession and filing ONLY the following forms:

  • 0605

  • 1701A

  • 1701

  • 1701Q

  • 2551Q

How much can I declare in my tax filing?

You are responsible for the income declaration per quarter. We will base the income to be declared on the official receipts you issue to your clients.

Which Tax Rate Option should I choose?

Everyone will be at 8% tax rate unless otherwise requested via email at

Why would I choose 8% Tax over Graduated Tax Rate?

  • The 8% tax is generally preferred for professionals/freelancers or those engaged in the sale of services where business expenses are normally minimal.

  • The taxpayer availing of the 8% tax gets to enjoy simplified taxation. He does not need to pay separate income tax and percentage tax, as the 8% tax rate answers for both taxes. He also does not need to account for various expenses when computing taxes. If the self-employed individual is earning purely business income, he simply needs to add up his gross sales or receipts, deduct the non-taxable P250,000, and multiply the difference with the 8% to arrive at his tax payable to the BIR. It’s that simple.

  • The 8% tax rate is imposed on the gross sales or receipts; no deductions for business expenses are allowed.

At which income level am I taxable?

Any taxable income above P 250,000.00.

Do I need to file tax returns for those months or quarters where I don’t have income?

Yes, zero-filing tax returns must still be filed for quarters where no income was earned. Failure to do so shall result in penalties for non/late filing.

I have children/dependents. Will there be any tax considerations?

The TRAIN Law has brought about a new exemption where the first P250,000 in taxable income would be exempt from taxes.

I receive 2307s from one or some of my clients. What do I do with those?

  • Form 2307 is considered as income tax prepayments resulting from taxes withheld by your clients on your behalf. The withheld taxes, if any, become tax credits against your income tax during the quarterly and annual income tax return.

  • If you have any, upload them to the designated folder in Google Drive so we can apply them to your Income Tax Returns.

What payment channels are available for tax dues?

Payment channels available are:

  • Paymaya

  • UnionBank

  • Debit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, JCB)

  • Credit Cards

Tax Confirmation Receipts – How will I get them?

  • All copies of successfully filed tax returns can be accessed from within the app. You may also chat with the team from within the app in case your tax return does not reflect in your account right away.

Books of Accounts

How can you help me with my Books of Accounts?

  • We shall give the report to you once a year (unless you want it quarterly) for you to enter in your manual books.

  • Stamping of the books would depend on the RDO. It could be at the end of the year, or if the books have been fully utilized already (10 pages left)

Who should keep my Books of Accounts?

Your Books of Accounts should always be in your possession, but we shall give a report to you once a year (unless you want it quarterly) for you to enter in your manual books.

Will you also have my books stamped?

The responsibility of having your books stamped rests with you. Frequency may also vary from one RDO to another. It could be at the end of the year, or if the books have been fully utilized already (10 pages left).

Table of Deadlines

Tax Deadlines

See the 2024 Tax Calendar here:

  • Payment of Subscription – You should have an active subscription for each quarter for the team to generate your tax returns. You are considered registered for a certain quarter if your subscription date or resubscription date falls within the first day of the quarter up until the very last date of the quarter.
  • BIR Tax Deadline – Beppo’s deadlines are at least 5 days before the actual BIR deadline to ensure that all tax returns are filed way before the actual deadline.
  • Deadline for submitting transactions to Beppo – You should have submitted complete transactions to Beppo by these dates:
  • Q1 – April 10, 2024  
  • Q2 – July 10, 2024
  • Q3 – October 10, 2024
  • Q4 – January 10, 2025
  • Date when tax returns will be sent to you – Tax returns are generated and sent at least 5 business days before the actual BIR Deadline.

Transactions / Income records submitted by these dates will be used by the Beppo team to calculate and generate your tax returns.

Additional fees may apply if a re-filing or amendment has to be made due to late submissions of transactions to Beppo.

It is your responsibility as a taxpayer to make sure that information is shared with us on time.