Tax Estimation: Old vs. New

Every year, when tax time comes, people look for a ‘tax calculator’ to quickly find out what they might owe or get back. But there’s a newer, smarter way to do it called tax projection. Before you look for the usual tax calculator, check out this new way to estimate your taxes.

What’s a Tax Calculator?

A tax calculator is a web tool that tells you roughly how much tax you might owe or get back. You put in things like your income and expenses, and it gives your estimated tax due. It’s good for a fast check.

What’s Tax Projection?

Tax projection is even cooler. Instead of waiting for you to type in your details, it watches your financial standing all year. It’s like having a helper who always knows what you earn and spend and can tell you about your taxes anytime.

Where can I try a Tax Projection tool?

Beppo App offers a FREE tax projection tool designed to provide ongoing estimates based on your financial transactions.

Always Ready: Instead of putting in your info every time, tax projection always knows what’s going on with your financial standing. No surprises when tax time comes.

Stay Updated: You get updates regularly, so you can make smart money choices all year and be ready at tax time.

Fewer Mistakes: When you type stuff in, mistakes can happen. Tax projection tracks things automatically, so there will be fewer or no mistakes.

Saves Time: You don’t need to keep putting in your details. Tax projection does it all for you, so you can focus on other things.

How to start projecting your taxes?

Easy steps:

  1. Download the Beppo App. (There’s a QR code.)
  2. Make a FREE account.
  3. Enter your income and expenses in-app.

Plus, with the Beppo App, you can also:

-Manage and track your income and expenses.

-Set limits and automate your business budgeting and expenses.

-Invoice clients and get paid in PHP electronically.

Tax projection keeps you always informed about your taxes. So before you look for a tax calculator again, think about this smarter tool that’s ready to help. Try Beppo’s FREE Tax Projection today!

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