The Virtual Bookkeeper Talks 2024, held on May 25, 2024, drew hundreds of participants both online and onsite from the online bookkeeping and accounting communities.

The Virtual Bookkeeper Talks has a thriving Facebook community of over 53,000 members and more than 2,500 students from the Bookkeeping Academy.



Highlights of the Event:

The event featured 10 expert speakers, sharing their knowledge and real-life experiences. Topics covered included starting an online bookkeeping career, overcoming professional challenges, and strategies for acquiring clients.

Speakers, Shary Pineda, Jac Santos, Marjorie Aviso, Arnold Apdua Nikki Abilar, Jaycee Tan, Jonathan Ruiz, Mariane Labonete, Caren Mae Gache, Regina Alpez, and Beppo’s CEO, Jenny Galang generously shared career advice and inspiring success stories.



Jenny has shared in her speech the many opportunities for professionals to make money by serving local clients. Despite industry changes, there is a growing need for personalized services, as highlighted by the fact that many clients prefer direct interaction with real accountants rather than relying on technology alone, as seen with Beppo.

The Networking Night was a major highlight, offering attendees the chance to meet potential partners, collaborators, future employees, mentors, and even clients.

Overall, Virtual Bookkeeper Talks 2024 was a success, and we’re honored Beppo was a part of it, providing the accounting community with learnings about bookkeeping and tax filing to the accounting community.



About Beppo

Beppo, a comprehensive bookkeeping and tax filing app, is designed to streamline financial management for SMEs and self-employed individuals. With its range of features, Beppo helps users manage financial records, automate bookkeeping tasks, and ensure compliance with tax regulations, making financial management easier and more efficient.