Shepherd Accounting Solutions x Beppo

Say farewell to the headache of dealing with tax filings and business registration with the BIR. Our smart accounting and tax software for Filipino businesses, Beppo’s, simplifies compliance, making it as easy as a routine check-up.

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Who We Are

Shary is the founder of Shepherd Global Bookkeeping Services and co-founder of The Bookkeeper Secret Academy. She is an online bookkeeper and consultant, dedicated to helping both new and experienced bookkeepers and accountants achieve their career aspirations.

In 2019, Shary, along with Alfie, launched an online academy aimed at empowering bookkeepers and accountants by enhancing their clarity and confidence in offering services locally and internationally.

Simplified BIR registration, bookkeeping and tax compliance

Crafted by Experts, our team comprises seasoned accountants and IT professionals. Reach out to us via call or chat for any queries, so you can confidently take the step up.

Tax done right

Tax forms automatically populated for your review & approval.
No need to download eBIR, alphalist or relief systems.
Access tax receipts and confirmations from a single location.