As responsible taxpayers, we want to ensure that their taxes and filed forms are submitted to the BIR on time. This is where the Payment Confirmation becomes valuable.

Whenever you utilize Beppo for your tax filing and payment, a Payment Confirmation will be available inside the Beppo app under the “Tax & Payment Confirmation” section for all successfully filed tax returns. You may also chat with the team from within the app in case your tax return does not reflect in your account right away.

This will contain an electronic receipt confirming the successful transmission of your payment through your chosen payment method.

Beppo offers the following payment methods for tax filing:

  • Maya
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card (Unionbank, BPI, and RCBC)

Once your payment has been processed, and the BIR has received both your payment and tax form, the Payment Confirmation will be sent to you. It will also provide key details about the submitted form, the transaction amount, and the transaction date.