What’s a Mixed-Income Earner?

Mixed-income earners typically have multiple sources of income, such as a regular salary, freelance work, business profits, or investment returns. Managing and understanding these various income streams is crucial for financial planning.


Why Does it Matter?


Different sources of income may be subject to different tax rates and regulations. Understanding and appropriately handling the tax implications of each income source is essential to ensure compliance with tax laws and to avoid penalties.


How Online Tax Filing Apps Help:


Apps like Beppo do the heavy lifting for you.

Info is pulled straight from your recorded transactions, ensuring your BIR Form 2316 is spot-on.

You’re in the loop about your tax status. Real-time updates keep you posted on the progress of your filing.

Comes with customer support available via email or chat to answer your tax filing questions.


In a Nutshell:

In summary, being a Mixed-Income Earner is important because it reflects the modern, dynamic nature of work and income. This includes budgeting, savings strategies, and investment decisions tailored to the specific characteristics of each income stream.

Beppo offers valuable assistance to Mixed-Income Earners in the Philippines by simplifying financial management, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and providing a comprehensive view of their diverse income streams.